Projekt Český jazyk v integračních Centrech, reg. č. AMIF/27/01, je financován Evropskou unií v rámci národního programu Azylového, migračního a integračního fondu.


Basic Information

Following the governmental document “Concept of Integration of Foreigners”, Refugee Facilities Administration of Ministry of Interior gradually opened 14 Centres for Support of Integration of Foreigners (“CPIC” or “Centres”) since 2009. They are in 10 regions: Central Bohemia, South Bohemia, Karlovy Vary Region, Liberec Region, Moravian-Silesian Region, Olomouc Region, Pardubice Region, Plzeň Region, Zlín Region and Vysočina Region.

Other similar centres were established in the 4 remaining regions by different organizations – in Prague it is Prague City Hall, in South Moravia it is Regional Office of the South Moravian Region, in Ústí nad Labem Region it is non-governmental organization The Counselling Centre for Integration and in Hradec Králové Region, it is Diocesan Catholic Charity of Hradec Králové.

Goal of the Centres is to create space for a long term and conceptual support of the integration of foreigners into majority society. They form a complex network throughout the country, which ensures the implementation of the integration policy of the Czech Republic in relation to the target group.

Centres’ operation is covered from the state budget, respectively, from the budget of Refugee Facilities Administration of Ministry of Interior on the basis of the amendment to Act 326/1999 Coll., the Act on the Residence of Foreigners. Based on the same amendment, the Centres organize the mandatory adaptation-integration courses from 1 January 2021.

Between 2009 and 2020 the operation of the Centres was paid from the EU budget, specifically from European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals (2009 – 2015) and from Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (2015 – 2020).

Target Group: 
Foreigners legally residing in the Czech Republic and other individuals who have been granted international protection – asylum or subsidiary protection.

All below mentioned services are offered for free in all Centers in support of the integration of foreigners; a current offer, including a timetable is available in tab pages of individual workplaces on these Internet pages.

The CPIC operation includes not only the regional capital but it also covers the whole region, in case of the Center workplaces in the Central Bohemian Region, they operate in the assigned region.

Activities for Clients:
– Social counselling
– Legal counselling
– Czech language courses
– Interpreting services
– Sociocultural courses
– Operation of the Internet station and library
– Community workers
– Education, cultural, and social events

Coordination Activities:
– Regular meetings of the platform
– Cooperation with all relevant partners in integration activities, especially regions, local administrations, and employers, in solving the impact of labor migration in individual regions

– Monitoring of the target group in the region

Adaptation and Integration Courses


Adaptation and integration courses „Welcome to the Czech Republic“

Every foreign national from third country who received a long-term or permanent residence permit since the 1st of January 2021, included, is required to attend adaptation and integration course within one year of the date of collecting the residence permit. You can find a list of all the groups of foreigners this obligation is required from, including all the exceptions in law, on the Ministry of Interior web pages.

What is the adaptation and integration course?

This course will help you to navigate faster and better in the Czech society and it will provide you with the basic information. You will learn the fundamental values of the Czech society and its culture, as well as your rights and obligations. Main topics will cover basic situations you can get into as a foreigner in a daily life (residence requirements, employment, education, healthcare system, social security, housing etc.) You will receive contact information to organizations and institutions which provide free consultations, language courses and other services to foreign nationals; those are especially Centres for Support of Integration of Foreigners and NGOs. These centres and organizations can help you solve various issues in future.

Who organizes the courses and where will they take place?

Courses will be administered solely by Centres for Support of Integration of Foreigners. There are 18 centres and it is fully up to your decision in which of them you will attend. The course which will not be either directly organized or administered by the Centre for Support of Integration of Foreigners established by the § 155a of Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic and on the amendment of certain acts, as amended, will not be considered as fulfilment of this obligation.

You can attend the course directly in the premises of the Integration centres (so called public course) or it can be organized by your employer in cooperation with one of the centres (so called non-public course). The content of the course will be the same in both cases.


Who will lead the course and in which language?

The course, which will take 4 hours, will be led by an experienced lecturer in the Czech language and the content will be translated by a qualified interpreter to one of following 9 languages – English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Serbian, Mongolian, Arabic and Vietnamese.

You can find more information at our web pages here: (Activities for clients)

Informace o COVID-19

Recent information related to COVID-19 epidemic:

State of emergency

From midnight of November 25th to November 26th a state of emergency applies in the Czech Republic for a period of 30 days.

During the state of emergency following rules apply:


A ban on the presence of the public in catering establishments and music, dance, gaming and similar social clubs and discos, gaming rooms and casinos applies between 22:00 and 04:59

Advent and Christmas markets are prohibited

Alcohol consumption in public places is prohibited, consumption in the interior of restaurants is not limited


Government measure

O-N-T is a system how a person can prove that he fulfils the conditions to enter the work facility, school or services. It has 3 major pillars – Vaccination, Tests and Protection period after the disease. For more information look at:  O-N-T system: (Vaccination – Past disease – Test) · Covid Portál (

As of November 22nd 2021 test are not recognised as a O-N-T prove with few exceptions.

Retail stores

Capacity 1 customer / 10 m2

Spacing between customers at least 1.5 m

Barbers, hairdressers, pedicures, manicures, beauty and massage salons and similar establishments, or services where the integrity of the skin is infringed

O-N compliance check introduced (vaccination, past disease)

Only for people without symptoms

Spacing between customers at least 1.5 m

Catering services, music, dance, gaming and similar social clubs, discos, casinos

Customers seated at least 1.5m apart unless sitting at the same table

Max 6 people at the table, or more people from the common household or with a spacing of 1.5 m

O-N compliance check introduced (vaccination, past disease)

Only for people without symptoms

Shopping centres over 5000 m2

Spacing between customers at least 1.5 m

Prohibition of food consumption in the premises of the shopping centre, including food courts (except for the interior of restaurants)

Markets, markets, mobile establishments

Distances between points of sale min.2 m

Max 6 people at the table, or more people from the common household or with a spacing of 1.5 m

Consumption of food only with O-N, Only for people without symptoms

Recreational and accommodation services

Only persons with O-N or under 12 years

Only for people without symptoms

Indoor sports grounds

O-N check

Only for people without symptoms

Spacing of 1.5 m in case persons are not from the same household or school

Swimming pool

O-N check

Only for people without symptoms

Spacing of 1.5 m

Ski lifts and cable cars

O-N check

Only for people without symptoms

Spacing 1.5 m

ZOO, botanical gardens, museums, galleries, exhibition spaces, castles and chateaux, etc. observatories, planetariums, fairs and sales exhibitions

Spacing 1.5 m

O-N check if there are more than 20 people participating

Only for people without symptoms

Children’s free time activities

Presence of max. 100 persons

The need to keep records of persons for a possible epidemiological inquiry

O-N check in case the children are more than 12 years old (not required if they are pupils of one school or activity in a fixed group)

Only for people without symptoms

Concerts and other musical, theatrical, film and artistic performances, including circuses and variety shows, sports matches, matches, competitions, etc., congresses, educational events and full-time examinations

A maximum of 1000 spectators

O-N check with the participation of more than 20 persons older than 12 years

Distance of spectators from the performers at least 2m

Only for people without symptoms

Public or private events in which people accumulate in one place

Maximum number of participants 100

Only for people without symptoms

With the participation of more than 20 people, O-N check

A complete list of current measures can be found in Czech language at Mimořádná a ochranná opatření – co aktuálně platí | Vláda ČR ( or in English at Covid Portal | Government measures user friendly

As per the government measures, it is still required to cover nose and mouth by a mask. FFP2 or KN95 respirators are required in:

Public transportation

All the indoor areas with exception of the household or accommodation (hotel room)

Outdoor areas in case there are more than 30 people present and it is not possible to keep 1.5 m distance.

The most recent and detailed information can be found in Czech language at:


The main symptoms of the COVID 19 are fever, cough, breathing difficulties (emphysema), headache, muscle and joint pain, loss of taste and smell.

In case you have these symptoms, contact your practitioner by phone and follow his/her instructions.

If you have more questions regarding the health issues connected with COVID 19, look at: where you can find more information in Czech language or contact information line 1221.


Quarantine and isolation are tolls used to stop the disease spread. Difference is that isolation is for people who were already diagnosed with COVID-19 while quarantine is meant for situation when it is suspected person can be infected but it was not confirmed or disproved.

Length of quarantine is set by following rules.

You do not have symptoms


If you undergo the RT-PCR test with a NEGATIVE result between the 5th and the 7th day from the risky contact –> the quarantine will be terminated after 7 days from the risky contact.

You do not take RT-PCR- quarantine will be terminated after 14 days from the contact.


You have symptoms – you are required to undergo the RT-PCR test

If your test is Negative – quarantine will be terminated after 14 days from the risky contact

If your test is Positive –mandatory isolation

In case you share the same household with infected person and there is not possibility to isolate that person within the household, undergo the RT-PCR test the 5th –the 7th day from the first positive test of the infected person. The length of your quarantine will be set up according to the rules above.

More detailed information can be found at: Quarantine · Covid Portál (

Person who fulfils following conditions and does not have symptoms, does not have to quarantine:

His/her vaccination was fully completed at least 14 days before the risky contact (For Comirnaty, Spikevax and Vaxzevria vaccines it means 2 weeks after the second dose, for Janssen vaccine 2 weeks after the single dose)

If they already had a disease in case that their isolation period already passed and at the same time it is not longer than 180 days from their first positive test.

In case of COVID-19 symptoms appearance within 14 days since the last risky contact, the person needs to undergo the RT-PCR test. In case of positive PCR test result, the person must isolate.

COVID-19 vaccination for foreigners

If you have a public health insurance you can get vaccinated. In case you can´t register for vaccination in central reservation system, contact the hotline 1221 or your practitioner.

If you are insured in another state of EU and you have right for so called full care (holders of S1 standard form for social security rights) you can register.

If you are insured in another EU state and based on your EHIC insurance card you have right to receive the necessary treatment, you can get the vaccination if you can make so called auxiliary registration with one of 7 Czech health insurance companies.

Revaccination by the booster dose is possible for people who have at least 6 months after receiving the first dose in case of single-dose vaccine (Janssen) or the second dose in case of other vaccines. It is available for people from 12 years of age and recommended especially for people over 60 years of age, healthcare professionals and social workers.

Vaccination for self-payers

As of June 2021 people who are not insured by Czech insurance company can get vaccinated. In this case they will pay for vaccination themselves.

Who can get the vaccination?

Czech citizen

Foreigner (from EU and from 3rd countries), with residency permit for a period longer than 90 days as per the foreigner low and at the same time fulfils one of the following conditions:

He/she has a valid long term or permanent residency permit in Czech Republic

He/she has a valid long term visa

He/she is EU citizen with valid temporary or permanent residency in Czech Republic

He/she is an EU citizen family member and has a temporary residency or permanent residency permit.

Where can you register: Registration for covid-19 vaccination – Self-payer Registration (

Where you can get vaccinated: Central covid-19 vaccination booking system – Vaccination centers for self-payers (

Price: Price of one doze is 810 CZK, The maximum price for 2 doses is 1620 CZK

What to take with you:

Your ID

Prove of your legal residency in Czech Republic


If you have more questions you can contact the information line of Ministry of Health at 1221

More information regarding the vaccination of foreigners you can find at: Vaccination for foreign nationals · Covid Portál (

Registration for vaccination is open for people from 12 years of age

Detailed information regarding vaccination can be found in Czech language at: Očkování proti onemocnění covid-19 – Aktuální informace o COVID-19 ( or in English at Register for vaccination · Covid Portál (



As of November 22nd 2021 preventive tests (RT-PCR) are paid from the public health insurance only to people who are:

under 18 (5x a month)

who cannot get vaccinated against COVID-19 for medical reasons (5x a month)

who are vaccinated by at least one dose of vaccine against COVID-19 (5x a month)

Who are fully vaccinated (2x a month)

People with symptoms must contact their practitioner, who will send them a request for the PCR test or other necessary medical check. In case the request is send by practitioner or hygienic station, the payment is covered by the insurance.

As of November 1st the validity of test shortens. The PCR test is now valid only for 72 hours from the time when the sample was taken.

Testing of employees

As of November 23rd, employees are going to be tested once in 7 days by antigen tests, the first round of testing shall be done the latest on 29th of November. Self employed also need to be tested.


Fully vaccinated people (14 days after the last dose)

People in protection period after the disease (less then 180 days since the first positive test)

People who had a PCR or antigen test done by medical personnel in past 7 days if the result was negative

More detailed information can be found at:

Measures at the state borders

Travel ban for selected African countries

Due to the spread of the new variant of the virus, third-country nationals who have stayed for more than 12 hours in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia will be banned from entering the Czech Republic. For citizens of the Czech Republic, the EU and holders of long-term stays in the Czech Republic, it is possible to enter from the above-mentioned African countries only under strict epidemiological conditions, ie a test regardless of vaccination. At the same time, we strongly recommend not to travel to these areas now. The measure is still valid until 12 December and will be evaluated on an ongoing basis with the possibility of further extension.

As of October 27th there are new measures established by Ministry of Health. These measures ease for example the entry for children in age group 0-12 as for them no epidemiological rules apply. More information in Czech language at: Ochranné opatření – stanovení podmínek pro vstup na území ČR, s účinností od 27. 10. 2021 – Ministerstvo zdravotnictví (

Current rules for entry (return) to Czech territory you can find at: Coronavirus – Information of MoI – Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic (

You can get the information in Czech and English also on the information line:
+ 420 974 801 801 every Monday-Thursdray 8:00 – 16:00 and on Friday 8:00 -12:00 or e-mail:

Before entering Czech Republic it is obligatory to fill the arrival form. This is mandatory for everyone who in past 14 days were abroad for longer than 12 hours. People under age of 18 do not fill their own form, but can be added to the form of an adult who travels with them. All the exceptions you can find: Arriving from the countries with a high risk of COVID-19 transmission · Covid Portál (

Have the confirmation of filling of the arrival form and possible required test results for SARS-CoV-2 always with you.

Certificate and confirmation form for entry into the Czech Republic Certificate and confirmation form for entry into the Czech Republic – Ministerstvo vnitra České republiky (

Information about entry to Czech Republic from consulates

VISAS: Extent of visa services during the pandemics | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (

Czech Republic consulates contact information
Kontakty na zastupitelské úřady – Ministerstvo vnitra České republiky (

Information regarding the access to Department for Asylum and Migration Policy

Make an appointment in advance to visit the MoI office and use only respirator or disposable medical mask (surgical mask)

In case of a positive result of the RT-PCR test, please, do not arrive at the MoI office until the completion of ordered isolation.

Persons with other than the stated protection of the mouth and nose will not be checked in, as well as persons who come to the MoI office before the end of ordered quarantine.

You can make an appointment at: Welcome at Foreigners reservation system „(FRS)“ | Foreigners reservation system (, or in case the online reservation system is not available for the office, you can make an appointment by phone during business hours. Contacts to MoI offices can be found here: Contacts – Ministerstvo vnitra České republiky (

Overview of important information regarding the residency of foreigners: Immigration – Ministerstvo vnitra České republiky (

Regardless of all the measures it is still mandatory to always have valid health insurance.

Useful information for employees during the pandemic in Czech language:

Zaměstnanci (

Rights of employees during pandemic in Czech language:

Práva zaměstnanců (

Overview of Covid compensation programs

Antivirus A – extended till the end of the year

Compensation bonus for self employed

More information can be found in Czech language at:

List of compensation packages can be found at:

Compensation · Covid Portál (


Universal testing of pupils at schools will take place once a week on Monday or the first day of school week. Only pupils who cannot prove any of the O-N-T conditions will be tested.

More information can be found at:

Other information regarding the education during the epidemic:
Education · Covid Portál (

Information about the facial protection in schools:

Masks in schools · Covid Portál (

Professional Training

Each regional Center can provide professional student training courses upon approval of the Center’s manager.

Formulář smlouvy ke stažení.


You will find the current job offers in the below reference:

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