Platforms of Integration of Foreigners, Monitoring the Situation of Foreigners in the Region

An important task of each Center is to guarantee the establishment and activity of a regional counselling platform, that is a working group which coordinates the exchange of information among the main stakeholders in the region, and creates the space for solving topical problems pertaining to foreigners. 
In every region the Center cooperates mainly with regional and local administration, the residential workplace of the Asylum and Migration Policy Department, the Alien Police, national and municipal police, labor offices, financial offices, chambers of commerce, trade and vocational offices, NGOs and other subjects.

Besides organizing platforms, the Centers participate in other expert meetings on issues such as community planning and others.

The aim is to ensure a better exchange of information and submit proposals for adopting measures responding to current needs in the area of integration of foreigners.

Communication with Employers Employing Foreigners

In view of the current situation on the labor market and the continuing rise of employing foreigners, one of the major tasks of the Center is also communication and cooperation with employers and coordination with other institutions in this area.