Informace o COVID-19

The centers do not provide personal counseling at this moment due to prevention, but you can still use counseling via phone, email or social networks, eventually use online counseling.

You can find all important information from your region as well as a link to online counseling on your region’s site.

Information about the disease: open

The current list of emergency measures can be found here: opatření vlády ENG

Due to the state of emergency and the prevention of COVID-19, from 16.3.2020 activities at the offices of the Ministry of the Interior dealing with foreigners’ residence issues will be limited. Only absolutely necessary tasks will be solved at the office.

Foreigners who were legally in the Czech Republic at the moment of the declaration of the state of emergency may continue to remain in the territory for the duration of the state of emergency without the need to resolve their residence issues.

From 16.3.2020 00:00 the entry into the country is allowed only to foreigners with temporary residence for over 90 days or with permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

If you are currently working in the Czech Republic with an employee card, you can change your employer or a job even earlier than after 6 months from 19. 3. 2020 until the end of the state of emergency. You are still obliged to notify this change to the Ministry of the Interior according to the statutory rules.

Other important information here:

Restrictions on the operation of the Departments for Asylum and Migration Policy:
Oznámení o úpravě provozu pracovišť MV ČR v souvislosti s vyhlášeným nouzovým stavem

Information about coronavirus disease:

From Monday, March 16 taxpayers may defer some payments:

The Czech Social Security Administration allows the public to handle most of the requirements online:

 The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has implemented some extra measures:

Self-employed workers will not have to pay the minimum compulsory social and health insurance for half a year.

 The Government approved additional support for employees and employers within the “Antivirus” program:

The Labor Office allows you to handle most requests online:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends returning from abroad:

For more important information, visit your region’s Centre website: Integrační centra

Information about the Project

The Refugee Facilities Administration of the Ministry of the Interior has since 2009 opened ten regional Centers for Support of Integration of Foreigners (hereinafter CPIC or Centers) following the government document “Concept of Integration of Foreigners”. The last of these Centers was opened in the Central Bohemian Region in 2018, including five workplaces or branches. The operation of all CPIC is currently funded by the national program of the Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund (AMIF).
The Centers for Support of Integration of Foreigners form a comprehensive network throughout the Czech Republic, providing for the implementation of the country’s integration policy of the target group of third country nationals (coming from outside the EU), and legally staying in the Czech territory.
The aim of the Centers is to create the space for a long-term and conceptual support of the integration of foreigners in mainstream society.
In the period 1st July, 2019 – 30th June, 2020 Centers in all below mentioned regions continue their operation under the projects funded by the AMIF. The projects include:

The project of the Centers for Support of Integration of Foreigners I., Reg. No. AMIF/20/04
The project of the Centers for Support of Integration of Foreigners II., Reg. No. AMIF/20/05

In the period 1st September, 2018 – 30th June, 2020 Centers in the Central Bohemian Region operate in five workplaces or branches in the cities of Kladno, Příbram, Kutná Hora, Mladá Boleslav and Benešov, under the project: Establishment and Operation of the Center for Support of Integration of Foreigners for the Central Bohemian Region, Reg. No. AMIF/16/01.

Target Group:
third country nationals (i.e. from countries outside the EU) legally staying in the Czech Republic territory, who have:

– long stay permission;
– permanent stay permission;
– long term visa;
– temporary stay of a family member, EU citizen;
or they are
– in the process of granting visa as a permission to remain in the Czech territory;
– in the process of granting permission for long term stay;
– in the process of granting permission for permanent stay;
– in the process of granting permission for temporary stay of a family member who is EU citizen;

or persons who have been granted international protection (asylees and persons with subsidiary protection).

All below mentioned services are offered for free in all Centers in support of the integration of foreigners; a current offer, including a timetable is available in tab pages of individual workplaces on these Internet pages.

The CPIC operation includes not only the regional capital but it also covers the whole region, in case of the Center workplaces in the Central Bohemian Region, they operate in the assigned region.

Activities for Clients:
– Social counselling
– Legal counselling
– Czech language courses
– Interpreting services
– Sociocultural courses
– Operation of the Internet station and library
– Community workers
– Education, cultural, and social events

Coordination Activities:
– Regular meetings of the platform
– Cooperation with all relevant partners in integration activities, especially regions, local administrations, and employers, in solving the impact of labor migration in individual regions

– Monitoring of the target group in the region

Professional Training

Each regional Center can provide professional student training courses upon approval of the Center’s manager.

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You will find the current job offers in the below reference:

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