Information about projects of Centers for the support of the integration of foreigners (CPIC)

Characteristics of projects

Refugee Facilities Administration of the Ministry of Interior (RFA) opened Centers for support of the integration of foreigners (CPIC) in Moravian - Silesian Region, Pardubice Region, Plzen Region and Zlín Region on July 1, 2009, and in Karlovy Vary Region, Liberec Region, Olomouc Region and the South Bohemian Region on April 30.2010. CPIC were established within the frame of projects financed by the European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals. Other organizations operate similar centers in Ústí nad Labem Region and South Moravia Region.

The target group consists of third-country nationals who are staying in the territory of the Czech Republic under a long-term or permanent residence permit. The objective of the projects is to create opportunities for long-term and strategic support of integration of foreign nationals. FNISC should initiate, organise and carry out the activities supporting social, legal, lingual and cultural position of foreign nationals in the said regions. The task of each FNISC is to ensure the creation of regional counselling platforms, which will be addressing the current problems of foreign nationals. Thus, especially the regional and municipal offices, the Foreign Police, the governmental and municipal police, employment agencies, tax authorities, trade licence offices and other entities are contacted with an offer of cooperation in each region. The goal is to create opportunities for improved information exchange and to provide impulses for taking measures responding to the current demand concerning the issues of integration of foreign nationals.

Services Provided

All services listed below are offered in all CPIC open in 2009, in the CPIC founded in 2010, individual services will gradually introduced, the current offer, including the time schedule, is available on the website under the tabs of the individual regional centres.
The scope of each CPIC is not limited to the county town, but trying to cover its activities throughout the county.All services are provided free of charge.

Advisory and information activities: are provided in regional offices of CPIC and during field work. Subjects of advisory and information activities are in particular relating to residence requirements, social assistance and benefits, health care and health insurance, housing, education and schooling, etc.

Czech language courses: the extent of difficulty of courses starts with beginners and ends with a level which roughly corresponds to the A1 Language Examination of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Courses are organized as basic or intensive, eventually specifically targeted on foreign minors. Basic courses are drafted as low-profile, it is even possible to visit them unrepeatedly, without having to register. Individual lessons in intensive courses do follow-up, number of places per course is limited to 15.

Legal counselling: it is implemented by contractual partners. Legal counselling is closely linked to advisory and information services provided by CPIC employees, usually in more complicated cases the client is advised to consult a lawyer.

Socio-cultural courses: give foreigners the knowledge and skills necessary for familiarization with the conditions of life in the Czech Republic, helping them to focus particularly on social, health and educational system. Regular meetings with experts on particular issues are organized, these experts provide foreigners with an adequate level of information required.

Internet point and library: each CPIC is equipped with three computers accessible to foreigners during opening hours. Each CPIC has a library where clients can borrow books and newspapers in English, French, Russian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese languages.