LIBEREC - Czech Christmas 2015

Dear clients,

Let us invite you to the beautiful Christmas event "Czech Christmas", which will take place 28. 11. 2015 in the new premises CPIC, Voroněžská 144/20, Liberec.

The event will be held from 14:00-17:00.

You can enjoy performances by folklore bands Jizera taste typical Czech Christmas dishes and try out traditional customs.

Christmas event is open to all ages, so do not hesitate and come with us to spend a pleasant afternoon :-)

LIBEREC - Sociokurz Christmas customs

We invite you to sociokurz with a touch of Christmas.

Sociokurzu you learn to bake a typical Czech Christmas cookies, you will learn the proper procedures and everything themselves try :-)

We look forward to welcoming you 18. 11. 2015 in the premises of CPIC, Voroněžská 144/20, Liberec from 18.30- 20.30.

LIBEREC - IV. Community club meetings LIBERTIK

Dear clients,

  We would like to invite you already to IV. Libertik community club meetings, which will take place on Friday, 6. 11. 2015 17:00-19:00 pm in the new premises CPIC Liberec, Voroněžská 144/20.

The meeting will be informal character again, it will be accompanied by two clients of Russian and Ukrainian nationality.

We look forward to seeing you on, team CPIC Liberec.

LIBEREC - Block socio courses "Information package for foreigners from countries outside the EU"

Dear clients,
Let us invite you to a block of four lectures that will be held in November each time 18 to 20 hours in the premises of ADRA, the Czechoslovak army in 1578 in the Czech Lipa. The lectures are free of charge and you have secured interpreting into Mongolian.
02/11/2015 Residential legislation
09/11/2015 Students stay
16/11/2015 Occupation
23/11/2015 Insurance

LIBEREC - Resumption of Czech language courses

Start teaching the Czech language in the Liberec Region:

To be able to speak Czech well? Come and learn in our courses.

All the courses are free !!!! What can I do?

Only to come write a placement test ...

Without passing a placement test and complete an application form for the course Ref will not be able to attend courses in Czech!

LIBEREC: A1.1 commencement of 19.10. 2015, A2.1 commencement of 19.10.2015, B1.1 commencement of 21.10.2015, AFC commencement of 20.10.2015, PPP commencement of 20.10.2015

CZECH LIPA: A1.1 commencement of 25.10.2015, B1.1 commencement of 21.10.2015

JABLONEC: A1.1 commencement of 22.10.2015, B1.1 commencement of 26.10.2015

SEMILY: B1.3 commencement of 26.10.2015, the base from 11 November 2015

TURNOV: basic commencement of 20.10.2015

HRÁDEK NAD NISOU: commencement of 19.10.2015

More courses given in the section 'terms Czech language courses. "