Workshop "Autumn Creation" and Sociocultural Course

Our Center wants invite you to the socio-cultural course, where you can get an information about our Czech Feasts closely conected with our history, that could be very important to understand relations in our country. It will take place next week and we called it „Day struggle for liberation, Creation of independent Czechoslovakia or “Dušičky” known as a Haloween in USA. This socio-cultural course will organized next week 30. 10. 2014 from 16:00 in our Center, Kněžskodvorská 2296, České Budějovice.

After that you can look forward to the Workshop with topic “Autumn Creation”, where you can be touch with other people from difference places from whole world. This workshop will be from 5 to 9 p.m. We will look forward to you.


Your CPIC team

SOCIO-Cultural Course "Type of residence, their requirements and employee cards

The course is devoted to the problems conecting with type of residence and staying of foreigners from third countries and current legislation. You will learn not only the rights and duties of foreigners, but also information from social benefits, insurrance, education, employment, business, health care and find out about the so-called Employee cards

Socio- cultural Course "Etiquette"

Etiquette means certain rules of social behaviour or a summary of the social habits and behaviors that can be different from other relgions. It can include posture and gestures, clothing and hairstyle, and gestures of greeting when meeting and parting, eating behavior, etc.

Knowledge and compliance  of etiquette is way how to know what "what is proper," and it can also be a way to prevent misunderstandings or conflicts in the societies.

Let us to invite you to the socio cultural course on topic Etiquette to learn some interests mot only about Czech society. It  will take plac in our center at 26. 8. 2014 (Tuesday) from 6:00 p.m. (Kněžskodvorská 2296, České Budějovice).

We are looking forward to meet you, your CPIC team


Dear clients,

We would like to invite you to Korean evening, which will be  4.9.2014 at 17:00 in our Center, Kněžskodvorská 2296 České Budějovice (behind Česká spořitelna at Pražská street).

You can look forvard to the next program:

17:00 Welcome  

17:05 Talking about Korean food

17:25 Across the Korea and great places for trip

18:00 Korean language and handwriting

18:30 Korea today 

During all evening there will be workshop. You can try to prepare korean food and taste it. Please, get a rezervation in time on e-mail or on e-mail

We are looking forward to you.

Socio- cultural Course- Employment Contracts and Labor Law

Dear clients,

We would like to invite you to the socio-course called The contract of employment and labor law. The course is oriented on the problems connected with the labor relations and on the conditions of the labour contracts. Lecture starts on Monday, July 14, 2014 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in our Center, Kněžskodvorská 2296 České Budějovice. The event is free. It will be possibility of free discussion and for your questions in the end of lecture.

Looking forward, your CPIC team